European Tour

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27.09.20 TO 04.10.20

2020 wouldn’t be right without a European Tour! This year we will be taking a new path! In the past, we have ventured as far as Norway and Romania which means its time to venture somewhere else that isn’t on your typical road trip route! Want to know more scroll down to find out what's included and optional extras to make your 2020 road trip your best road trip yet! Pack your trunks, fancy dress, and breathalysers!
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Price: £4950 per car

Our 2020 tour will consist of twisty alpine passes, high-speed mountain convoys, luxurious hotels with breakfasts and secure parking throughout the trip. Join us in the Pyrenees for the start of a bespoke tour full of fuel, fancy dining and frilly pants. Each evening enjoys a welcome drink at the hotel with a fantastic evening meal in the hotel or at a restaurant with a drink allocations every night. Each day you will find out the route and where we will be heading to but make sure to pack your fancy dress as one day we will dedicate the drive to driving in true style. Bring your best outfit as there is an award up for grabs! More to be announced soon!


Make sure to pack the baby oil and sun cream! The route will start with transportation to the start location, after setting sail we will take on the twisty paths of the Pyrenees. You will see signs for Montpellier, Monaco and Geneva on route but we may just make a turn and end up somewhere else. We do not give our locations away but register interest is giving more details. Each morning on the tour you will find out where we will be driving each day, more twisty alpine passes will come later in the week of the tour! Ready to go off the radar in Europe?


We are aware of the current global pandemic conditions.Due to the UK Government softening the rules of the UK lockdown and reviewing the European guidelines as we believe by September restrictions will be relaxed. We are working with hotels and restaurants for information and knowledge of their plans meaning you have the best experience. If by July the 31st the restrictions have come back deposits will be refunded if we can not go a head however they will not be refunded if you decide to cancel.

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This year's European road trip will be our 4th visit to Europe and each year we aim to push the pedal further. A Redline 247 tour is much more than just a road trip, much more than one hotel to another. We do not look to always stay in city locations and find the fastest route to get there, we do not google the most know passes and there are no hidden costs. We look at places that are off the radar which you may have never thought of driving too, spending nights in boutique hotels deep within the mountains to contrast to the big nights in the big cities. Every night the hotel is paid for along with the parking and morning breakfast to soak up the night before drink. We plot out a route that takes in alternative roads and passes you may not have ever heard of that allows you to drive the way you want to. We try and limit all costs on our tours meaning all you have to pay for is food and drink whilst on the road, evening drinks after the meal, tolls, fuel and maybe even the odd speeding fine. Want to know more message us today! We are always happy to talk.


Luxury Hotels with secure parking and breakfast
Dedicated fancy dress day
Drivers pack
Planned route
Evening meals everynight
Drink allocations
Welcome drinks
Final night awards
Events/Support team


If you want to extend your road trip we are happy to source and book hotels for you.
Transporter to the start location.
Transporter from the finish location.
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FULL PAYMENT: 07.09.20